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Life Cider Competing in BevNET Product Showdown

Jon Pierre Francia, founder of our Life Cider was invited to compete next week at the BevNET new product showdown in Manhattan. Lytra, our commercializing partner is going to be in front of the world next week!

The New Beverage Showdown is the leading business pitch competition for the beverage industry. Designed to support and showcase new products and promising founders, it focuses on the innovators and entrepreneurs designing the products of tomorrow.

What is Life Cider?

Life Cider is a deliciously different twist on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. In addition to the gut health and blood sugar management benefits of ACV, Life Cider adds significant immune boosting support by loading every can with Vitamins C, D3, B12, Zinc, and 84 Trace Minerals.

Lytra in Life Cider

Lytra is a premier food-grade additive containing natural minerals mined from the world’s most pure sources. This special formulation is proven to promote better health, system function and overall wellness. The process of collecting minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, concentrating them, and then ensuring their purity, all with natural methods, takes years. But the result is worth the wait. A perfect blend of nature’s 84 essential minerals without any unnecessary artificial ingredients or preservatives.

After harvesting the minerals they are then processed for a variety of applications in a variety of forms and grades. Samples of Lytra Rain (liquid form), Lytra Snow (powder form), and our raw honey with Lytra can be requested. We are a B to B company that aims to provide the desired bulk in the form and to the specifications our clients request. Please, contact us to inquire about your specific product needs.

Organic is only part of the solution

Organic products have become more readily available over the last several decades. Consumers are interested in avoiding harmful pesticides and toxins in their food and cosmetic products, but there is another part of the equation. Crops grown on depleted soil lack the mineral nutrients our bodies need. Lytra can be added to products or soil directly to restore these lost nutrients.


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