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Our Story

VSH is a partnership opportunity between the long-time owners of Volcanic ash mineral soil amendment and capital partners seeking to make a difference in the health and wellness of humans and their animals. The Company holds and speculates on real property values, and invest in corresponding enterprises to develop and enrich assets of the partnership.

The Company is a holding company partnership owned by a trust which is comprised of Utah families that have contributed assets with a long history of mineral asset ownership. Their assets focus on Stansbury Island, a Great Salt Lake island rich in soil amendments exceeding millions of tons.


The Utah families view their role in promoting national health and wellness as a logical extension of the fundamental obligation to serve the moral principles that embody the American ethos. In that context, the family has long been supportive of natural health and supplements.


As such, they recognize that they are in a unique position to share the value of the minerals of Lake Bonneville and the volcanic ash on their property in Utah in order to enhance the health of millions around the world.


To bring this desire into fruition, the families and their team of experts have acquired the assets needed to improve our health and are aligned with hundreds of passionate supporters who are driven to integrate minerals into the agricultural, food product, cosmetic, and medical communities.


The families desire to share its abundant access to those minerals will promote the physical and mental health of many by restoring healthy soil and fostering the growth of vibrant, resilient plants for consumption. In today's world of depleted and toxic soils, minerals are needed more than ever to restore soil with needed microorganisms that increase the ability of plants to access those minerals. 

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