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The partnership opportunity includes the contribution of minerals as a capital asset to a partnership with a capital partner that contributes cash. The business purpose is to speculate on the  the real property, property rights and volcanic mineral soil amendments appreciating in value as a capital asset.


In today's world of depleted and toxic soils, minerals are needed more than ever to restore soil with needed microorganisms that increase the ability of plants to access those minerals. When we grow the same plants in the same location for years, the soil will deplete of needed nutrients, especially minerals. When we till the soil, we often
kill the microorganisms, which deplete the soil and result in dead soil where living soil and plants used to thrive.

Minerals are important because they transfer energy from the soil to the plant, which is transferred to humans and animals in their food. Commercial fertilizers replace only nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). This leaves the plants and grasses imitating a healthy look but does not result in healthy produce. If we continue these harmful practices, with ever-increasing amounts of synthetic 5 fertilizers and pesticides, more soil depletion is inevitable. Agricultural production on dead soils can only produce limited nutrient density in our food. Mineral-rich soil amendments, made with our unique mineral capital assets, are proven to increase the nutrient density of our soil, plants, and food.

Coming 2023!

THRIV Movement
and ELGRO Soil Amendments

The THRIV movement is the next evolution in agriculture which transcends the concept of “Organic” Produce, by restoring superior richness to living soil through a revolutionary delivery process that supports healthy plants and produces more vibrant, tastier, and unparalleled nutrient-dense food.

“Changing agriculture as we know it and the conversation from simply a ‘lack of bad’ pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to a focus on healthy produce with measurably better nutrient density in our food. Amending our soil results in healthier humans and animals.”
        - Joseph Monson, CEO of ELGRO

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